kami-robo and me


For some reason, lots of designers seem to enjoy wrestling. I’ve never been very good at fighting sports. Not doing them, god forbid no. Watching them. I’d like to say that’s because I’m just a peace-loving usagi, but I think it’s probably because I’m just a bit wet. I don’t like rollercoasters much, either. The problem isn’t the speed, or the height, so much as my imagination. “What if the guy who put this thing together had a cold, and was distracted as he sneezed just when he was tightening up the last bolt, and what if it’s wobbling loose right now…”

This afternoon I had a chat with Kami-Robo The Ole about it. (Kami-Robo is great for rainy Sunday afternoons. Thank you, Aoki-san). He was very nice… but I’m still not convinced.




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