Cool Pachinko


You’ve probably always wondered where the pachinko balls that don’t end up in your basket go to as they disappear down all those little holes. Well, it’s really quite simple. They are routed up to the roof of the building, where they undergo a rigorous cleansing and training program. The large dark grey vat in the photo above is the washing-machine, where they all go first. From there they are filtered according to their abilities and social status. The box on the right, with the rails around it, is the disciplinary area for unruly balls. (The rails have a 1,000,000 volt current running through them.) The very best of the balls end up at the duct on the left that is slightly higher than the others. Under this duct, in the smoke and cacaphony of the pachinko hall itself, is situated the number one winning machine.

At night, the whole duct system tranforms into a Robo-Warrior and roams the backstreets of Tokyo looking for illegally parked bicycles and left over takoyaki to eat for dinner.




One Response to “Cool Pachinko”

  1. sallyvincent Says:

    Are you sure that’s right………………….I thought they eat chips…………no

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