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Teatime お茶の友

July 31, 2006


Sunday afternoon. I went to see some friends for tea.



Waiting 待つ

July 28, 2006


A place has a time. During the day, these little bars all wait patiently in a line for their time to come. While they are waiting, the street reverberates with a faint echo of their last time. Song and laughter and argument. A warm echo. I waited with them for a while.


Magic 魔法

July 25, 2006

magic lights


Frogs 蛙

July 24, 2006


I bumped into a group of frogs today. We’ve had wrestling and archery contests in the past, and although sometimes it gets a bit rough, generally frogs are lots of fun. Before he disappeared Froggy was a good friend. But when you meet frogs in a group they always challenge you to a singing contest and it’s impossible to get away, so today I just said a quick hello to Froggy’s mother and went on my way.


Sea Window 海の窓

July 22, 2006


Watching the dark sea go by the window reminds me of grass meadows. A kind of warm, kind of sad feeling. Windows are good.