Thunder Trucks 雷トラック


A little while ago I told you how I met the man who washes the blue sky ready for summer. Today there’s a huge thunderstorm, so I thought I’d tell you about the Thunder Trucks. There are about 400,000 of them in all. They used to live on a volcanic island in the Pacific, but ever since the Big Eruption they have been homeless and now they wander all over the world. Most of the time they are very peaceful and sit around humming folk songs – albeit a bit out of tune. But every once in a while they gather together to remember the old times, and hold a wild Thunder Race above the clouds.



3 Responses to “Thunder Trucks 雷トラック”

  1. Atyllah Says:

    Trucks that sing folksongs? That’s so nice!

  2. Wilf Says:

    I have never seen these wondrous thunder trucks. I would love to. We only seem to have white vans usually with three men sitting in the front seat and a copy of The Sun on the dashboard. They may sing, I don’t know but if they do I’m sure it will be about football not about folk. Sad.

  3. KINA Says:

    Hi Usagi.
    coooool trucks today!
    are they popular in UK?
    I’ve never seen those trucks here in Aus either.
    I wish I can listen to their country songs one day…..
    Do I need ear plugs, though?

    By the way…..

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