fox tears キツネのなみだ


Can you see? I’m afraid it was a bit of an emotional moment, so the picture didn’t come out very well. There are 2 foxes in the back of the truck.

I think it was about 5 or 6 years ago that I told you about the peppermint herb garden? Anyway, if you look in the background of that photograph you’ll see a tall pink flower. That’s digitalis. Foxgloves. It sounds like a pretty name, but don’t be fooled! When foxes slip those flowers on their feet they become invisible and get up to all sorts of trouble. To usagis and chickens, foxes are frightening! Oh boy, yes they are.

But the other day when I saw that couple in the back of the truck, I realised there’s another side to foxes. The mother fox was close to crying. You see, they’d lost their home. The shrine where they lived had been demolished, and they had been thrown into the back of the truck along with the rubbish. But even then they sat upright and stared straight ahead, not even blinking. They looked so strong and proud!

But they’re still frightening, foxes.






4 Responses to “fox tears キツネのなみだ”

  1. Wilf Says:

    Oh unhappy foxes! Stay well away, Usagi-they’re probably hungry.

  2. Atyllah Says:

    Oh poor foxes. though I agree with you Usagi, one has to watch out for them. Foxes like to eat chickens. Fortunately I’m a five foot chicken, so if I wanted, I could probably eat the fox!

  3. spike Says:


  4. Moira Says:

    That’s so sad. We get lots of foxes around where I live. Maybe I should grow some foxgloves for them.

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