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Little sheep 小羊

August 6, 2006


This is my friend Fly. He thinks he’s a very big sheep. But he’s not, really. It’s an optical illusion. All sheep are smaller than Usagis. And especially Fly.


peppermint ペパーミント

July 14, 2006


Back down the usagi tunnel to collect some peppermint from the herb garden. Peppermint is very good for usagi stripes – it keeps them bright, and in line. By the way, somebody asked me if I have ever tried counting my stripes. I did once, but when I got to two thousand and thirty-seven I gave up. I think maybe I went wrong somewhere, but I’m not sure.


Lamborghini スーパートラクター

July 10, 2006


Yes – it’s a tractor. Usagi super-tractor. The usagi tunnel was a bit crowded that day, so instead of going back to Tokyo I took the Lamborghini out for a quick spin. I invited Ms. C. the bantam along for a ride too, but she went home at the last minute…


Hint 2

July 9, 2006



Quiz Time 2!

July 7, 2006


What am I driving?