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Secret 秘密

August 2, 2006


It looks cold and uninviting. Scary even. But the very best secrets are well camouflaged. Beyond the dark door is a world of rainbows.



Sea Window 海の窓

July 22, 2006


Watching the dark sea go by the window reminds me of grass meadows. A kind of warm, kind of sad feeling. Windows are good.


Thunder Trucks 雷トラック

July 15, 2006


A little while ago I told you how I met the man who washes the blue sky ready for summer. Today there’s a huge thunderstorm, so I thought I’d tell you about the Thunder Trucks. There are about 400,000 of them in all. They used to live on a volcanic island in the Pacific, but ever since the Big Eruption they have been homeless and now they wander all over the world. Most of the time they are very peaceful and sit around humming folk songs – albeit a bit out of tune. But every once in a while they gather together to remember the old times, and hold a wild Thunder Race above the clouds.


Beware Wall Street! 危険!ウォール街

July 5, 2006

wall street bull

It’s ok. I’m here and I’m fine, really. Not even a scratch, actually. But it sure was a close one. Most of the time cows are fine – but you’ve got to be on the look out for those bulls on Wall Street. They like gambling with people’s lives. Phew.


NYC Carrots NYC人参

July 1, 2006

yellow NYC

Back in New York I met a very happy man with a nice yellow and orange jacket. So I went looking for more yellow and orange things and here’s what I found. Carrots. Comfort food.